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In the testimonials below is what people say about Heather Wickham and Catch-Up Training:

Excel basics course was very visual - great pace - catered to individual pace and needs. Was very relaxed environment for deaf group. Great to interpret.

Kimai Ross (Sign language Interpreter)

The little over 5 minutes of you showing me how to use the Navigation pane in MS Word has saved me huge amount of time cut-pasting which would often leave a mess of styles to fix later!

Alex Yu, Senior Academic Staff Member in CBITE

Learning from Heather has been wonderful; she is so easy to understand and sorted out all my issues with Word very proficiently whilst showing me better and quicker ways of doing this work myself. Our sessions were certainly 'catching up' with all the new aspects of Word 2013 and we are able to make my complicated reports easy to use and completed efficiently. This is so helpful.

She also backed this up with additional assistance via email, which was immensely appreciated. My life (at work) is so much easier now!!"

Jacqui Falkner
Fiona Judd Limited

Thanks heaps for the help you gave me using lookups in Excel. This is going to save me lots of time and reduce the chances of data entry errors - very important when I'm entering student marks.

Tim Hunt, Principal Lecturer
Waikato Institute of Technology

RHIANNON DAVIESBefore Catch Up Training’s Heather Wickham and her TCANZ workshop Word 2013 Intermediate Level, I had no idea how versatile Word could be. Up until recently I’d used it for school, work, and the occasional short story; but hadn’t really poked about under the tabs, so to speak. Under Heather’s guidance, the true Swiss-Army knife-like qualities of MS Word were brought to light as we spent a day going through template-making, ribbon customisation, creating your own Autotext, and a world of other features that will make anything I write from now on stand out above the rest.

I can honestly say that I never appreciated Microsoft Word’s Styles functions until now. Heather showed us how to make our own Styles, and using the Navigation pane, how we could flit from section to section within a document. If I had known how to do that when I was writing my Honours thesis my life would have been so much easier! Also creating forms with embedded drop-down menus and selected fields is something that I’d never thought of doing before. And dressing up my paragraphs with drop caps! The ribbon customisation tool was by far the most useful feature for me. Having everything from Accents for when I’m working in other languages, to the Show/Hide function for my documents, and all the Office programs that I use for both school and work in button form at the top of my page instead of being hidden under tabs and drop down menus is brilliant.

Speaking of tabs, if you haven’t discovered the functions hidden beneath the Developer tab, you’re missing out. Making your own templates is not only fun, but incredibly useful if you want to make your own newsletters, invoices, calendars etc. but don’t want to use the rather homogenous-looking templates provided with the MS Word suite.

I never thought I’d say this, but MS Word is actually pretty cool. I can now do far more with it than I was able to before learning from Heather Wickham. As a writer I can now deliver a better product because I can now utilise MS Word in all its glory. Also, with my newfound knowledge I’m going to be of immeasurable value to my employers both present and future. With the MS Office suite used (sometimes solely) in most organisations as a document creation device, being able to wield my industry’s weapon of choice as a creator and maintainer of templates, multi-page multi-section documents with images and more, is going to make me a highly valued and appreciated team member.


Thank you Heather for suggesting, and teaching me, how to use OneNote for my paperless office.

It is amazing having the same information: word documents, spreadsheets, minutes, budgets, flight and accommodation bookings, my promotional website images, to do lists and heaps more at my fingertips.

I can access, and edit, from any of my electronic tools and the information is automatically synced between my desktop, laptop, notepad and my mobile phone.

I thoroughly recommend Heather Wickham, Catch-up Training, her one-on-one training session has helped me achieve my paperless office.

Virginia Schnauer
V Design

Thank you Heather, I really appreciate your tips, especially the 8.1s.

June Wyatt

Thanks for your advice, I enjoy reading your tips.


Thanks for the tips, they are of great value. I wish I could use the abbreviations for “millions”, don’t seem to use it enough! Good material though.

Ben Wickham, General Manager
Ormond Nurseries

Great trainer and very patient with novices.

Chris Foggin, Programme Coordinator
BikeNZ Education

Jacky, what would you say to your friends and work colleagues about the Excel course Demystifying Spreadsheets? "Informative and practical workshop with a knowledgeable tutor."

Aerosport Aviation NZ Ltd

Thanks again for being an awesome teacher, I've learnt so much from you 🙂 Annelise.

Student - Wintec

Thank you again for your Software Applications course, I found it challenging and interesting. It wouldn't have been the same if someone else was tutoring us!

Student - Wintec

Great course , tailored to meet individual requirements of those attending. Troy Reid.

Troy Reid (Director / Executive Chef)
Montana Catering

Thanks Heather for the great three day course on Excel, have definitely discovered a lot about Excel and will be able to put this new found knowledge to great use.
Classes were insightful and enjoyable. Thanks again, Fraser.

Fraser Kerr (Head Chef - Claudelands Events Centre)
Montana Catering

"I found the one on one aspect of training invaluable. With Heather’s guidance I am now able to produce documentation to advanced levels and I have learnt many short cuts to functions I’d been doing the long way for years!" Catherine (Administration Officer)

Catherine (Administration Officer)
Waikato Kindergarten Association

"The course was structured very well and easy to follow. Tasks were well thought through to allow maximum learning from each. Overall very good." David (Cambridge)

David (Cambridge)
Cooney Insurance

“Your tip to make emails stand out is fantastic. After 16 years of using outlook my really important clients now arrive at my inbox highlighted red. This is saving me hours trawling through all the spam and irrelevant emails.” Virginia Schnauer (Hamilton)

Virginia Schnauer

"Heather was very patient and it was no problem to go through a process a number of times. The course content was good and she tried to make it relevant to our business. It was also helpful to be able to work on the exercises again at work to refresh our memory!" Faye (Cambridge)

Faye (Cambridge)
Cooney Insurance

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