Save yourself typing time using Quick Parts in Outlook

This month’s tip is using Quick Parts (available in Office 2007 and 2010). 

How often do you include the same bits and pieces of text/images in the emails you send again and again?  For example: directions; return policy details; thank you notes; answers to frequently asked questions; promotions and, disclaimers, etc.  If you haven’t discovered Quick Parts yet, you’re going to love this tip.

 How do I create a Quick Part?

The steps for creating a Quick Part building block are the same for Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.  It doesn’t matter where in Outlook you create the item.  The saved block can be inserted into just about any Outlook item.

  1. Open a new email and type what text you would like to save in Quick Parts.  See example below.
  2. Apply any formatting to your text.
  3. Highlight the text passage, see below.
  4. Click on Insert tab on the ribbon.
  5. Click on Quick Parts from the Text Group.
  6. Select Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.
  7. Name your Quick Part (remember to use a good descriptive name)
  8. If you choose you can add other info such as Category and a Description.
  9. Click OK.

Creating Quick Part text


  How do I use/insert a Quick Part?

  1. Put your cursor in your email where you want to insert the saved text.  (You can also use this text in contacts, calendar, and tasks.)
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click the little arrow on the right of Quick Parts.
  3. Click the Quick Part text that you want to use from your selection (if you’ve built in more than one).  That is it, so quick and easy to use.  Quick Parts is also available in Word.

Save yourself typing time using Quick Parts in Outlook.

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