Inserting hyperlinks in Excel 2010

To insert hyperlinks within an Excel workbook, follow the steps below:

  1. Display gridlines for Print view.  Select [Page Layout tab] + Sheet Options + Gridlines.  Ensure View and Print check boxes are ticked.  (This option displays the page breaks within your workbook.)
  2. Insert a row at the top of your worksheet A1.  (Blank row inserted.)
  3. Select cell in row A where you want to insert your first hyperlink.
  4. Select Insert tab click on Hyperlink(Insert Hyperlink dialog box displayed as below).
  5. Select Place in This Document.
  6. Enter name/reference in Text to display field.
  7. Enter the cell reference in Type the cell reference and select which sheet if necessary.
  8. Click OK(Your new hyperlink will now be displayed, see examples below.)

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